Immersing ourselves in nature is vital for our mental health

Nature mental health

We have now approached spring this year which means more opportunities for good weather and actively going outdoors. Now is a perfect opportunity to look at getting more fresh air and spending time outside, wherever you are.

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How to do a social media detox: 8 tips

Social media phone

If social media is negatively impacting your mental wellness, productivity and/or creativity, you’re probably in need of a detox. So here are 8 ideas that will help you disconnect and have a happier, healthier relationship with social media.

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7 ways to manage your morning anxiety for a happier start to the day

Morning anxiety

Morning anxiety is very real. We generally feel anxious about things we fear, which his why many of us become anxious first thing in the morning. But very often, these are what-if scenarios that haven’t even happened yet.

Acting out a particular scenario then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But how to we stop the cycle and feel calmer instead? Here’s some advice.

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11 shows and movies on Netflix & Amazon Prime that can boost your mood


There’s something incredibly relaxing about settling down to watch a great show or movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Therapists have in fact discovered that certain shows can actually improve your mood. Here are the shows and movies that were found to boost people’s moods.

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What to do if you’re anxious about coronavirus

Anxious coronavirus

Feeling overwhelmed or concerned this year is understandable, especially if you struggle with your own mental health. You might be anxious about your health or a loved one’s health, or what impact the pandemic has had on your life. So here are some steps you can take if you’re feeling anxious about it all.

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8 ways to practise self-care during lockdown

Self care things to do during lockdown

Let’s face it – lockdown hasn’t been the kindest to most people. For many of us, anxiety is high, therefore you might have slipped out of your old healthy routines and self-care habits. Being truly healthy isn’t just about eating the right things and working out every day. Mental, emotional and social health are all vital parts of true holistic wellness too.

Here are 8 things to do to practise self-care during lockdown.

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Care leavers are at risk of digital isolation

On laptop digital

As Covid-19 restrictions tighten, thousands of care leavers are being left without access to the internet, missing out on education, training and work.

Leading charities and youth organisations supporting care leavers in England have written to ministers warning that young people risk becoming “digitally isolated” as more lockdown measures are reintroduced.

The government announced a package of support for care leavers in April, including free access to WiFi and laptops. But the coalition warns that many of the 80,000 care leavers in England are still without access to technology, and the scheme also comes to an end in November….

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