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How to do a social media detox: 8 tips

Social media phone

Social media has become a huge part of modern life. It helps us stay connected with loved ones, catch up on news, and discover inspiring people and beautiful destinations. Yet, spending hours scrolling through various feeds may leave you feeling drained or dissatisfied.

If it is negatively impacting your mental wellness, productivity and/or creativity, you’re probably in need of a detox. So here are 8 ideas that will help you disconnect and have a happier, healthier relationship with social media.


1. Delete your social media apps

Be rest assured that this is a temporary measure. For just 12 hours, take social media off of your phone. See what effects not being on social media has and what thoughts it provokes. Once the experiment is over, the idea of limiting yourself will feel much more doable.


2. Detox with a buddy

Whether your objective is to lose weight, get fit or spend less time on social media, doing it with somebody can make it much easier. Find a loved one who is interested in “detoxing” with you and decide on a way of following through. Check in with each other to see how you’re getting on. Having a friend take part with you will make you more likely to stick to your goals.


3. Identify what apps you’re using the most

If you’re an iPhone user, you have a built-in feature called Screen Time under Settings, which shows which apps you’re spending the most time on. Otherwise, you can download an app like Moment. It might interest you to see how much time you’re devoting to specific social media apps.


4. Put a rubber band around your phone

This simple trick can stop you mindlessly picking up your phone. When reaching for your phone, there’s now a physical obstacle that snaps you out of autopilot for a second. It encourages you to reflect on what you’re doing.


5. Give your phone a bed time

Tell yourself that after a certain hour, your phone goes out of the way until the next day. Move your charger away from your bedside to an area out of arm’s reach. By having less access to your phone, you’re less likely to scroll through social media until the early hours.


6. Get a real alarm clock

The start of the day should focus on intention (e.g. What do I want to accomplish today?) while the end of the day should be about reflection. When your phone is in your hands the second you wake up, you’re likely to skip that moment of zen and head straight to scrolling.


7. Set time limits on your apps

If social media is hindering your productivity but you can’t resist it, consider an app such as Freedom. You can set up times that you want Freedom to block social media apps, and even enable a “Locked Mode” which won’t allow you to cancel those time limits.


8. Practice meditation

In addition to helping you manage stress and sleep better, meditation can help you be more mindful when it comes to what you’re doing, including how you’re using social media. If you need some guidance, watch a few relaxing meditation videos or download Headspace.